Access and view all of your documentation, including project plans, CAD drawings, contracts, etc. anywhere at anytime. Share information with relevant parties with information at your finger tips. With automated workflows you can collaborate with your team and have documents approved instantly. Digital signatures allow you to gain your clients approval there and then preventing any delays on your project.

Project Management

Our cloud based solution along with our mobile app enables you to manage your projects on the go. View and track your tasks from start to finish and track where delays may be occurring. Communicate easily with Vendors, Clients and Employees. Be sure that you are always working off the latest version and reduce time searching for documents. Personalise your dashboard by adding your most frequently used documents to your favourites list and by creating your personal work tasks to help organise yourself and avoid missing deadlines.

Financial Services

We know how important it is to ensure governance within financial services and to be able to define clear responsibilities amongst your employees creating order and structure to your business. The changing face of compliance, governance and audit in this sector has lead to IT challenges we are fully aware of. With our business knowledge and experience we are able to configure infoFINIUM to deal with documenting and running processes such as the on boarding of senior individuals within the insurance sector and providing a version controlled repository for Governance Maps, both of which are mandated within the PRA’s Senior Insurance Managers Regime framework.


If you have a growing business or are managing several businesses at a time then infoFINIUM can also help you oversee all your businesses under one sign in whilst only allowing your employees to see company data belonging to the company they are employed under. You can breakdown complex business tasks into simplified workflows. The personal user dashboard helps employees focus on individual business tasks which are relevant to their role. The secure central repository helps share business information easily online reducing the cost of storage and printing.


Store budget records, maintenance agreements, newsletters, correspondence, reports, etc., all on one system with access limitations where required. A digital system saving time on tasks and improving efficiency on all administrative tasks between Senior Management team, Key Stage Coordinators, Teachers and Administration team. Improve quality and performance by focussing on education and helping the environment by introducing environmentally friendly practices.


When you are busy with the sales and marketing of your business it can be hard to keep on top of of all your paperwork too. Therefore having a business tool to help manage your documents may be just the answer . Manage supplier invoices and orders, notify your customers, provide access to third parties for example, Accountant with limited permissions and save yourself time.